[ FF EunKang / JionHoon | The Deathberry – Part 1 (ENG)




People always said that another day will lead you to another life.

Another day and another life.

What a cliché.

Sunghoon always laugh whenever he hears humans talk about future matters. There are times when humans are too pessimistic, but there are also times when humans are too optimistic. And it was so wonderful to see how disappointed they were when their hopes were flung to the ground.

“You know Yuka, humans are the most ridiculous creatures I’ve met. Other than angels who record those good deeds.”

“So whose life are you taking in the next 49 days? A corruptor? A criminal? A wealthy philanthropist? An idol? A teacher whom everyone respects?”

“An ordinary person. An ex-convict, the most boring type because I already know the kind of face I’ll put on when I take his life.”

“Well congratulations.”

“Well for me, taking a human’s life is a duty, but for humans, death is a way to end their boring adventure in the world.”

“Well whatever. Do you want me to remind you of the rules before you leave or do you want me to just say good-bye?”

“I choose the second one.”

“Well, enjoy your duty and have a nice day with…”

“Eun Jiwon.”




He prefers other angels to call him Deathberry.

It sounds dark, scary, horrible, but it had a pleasant impression.

Still fresh in his memory, when he was assigned to replace Bolt as an angel of death.

Heaven was enraged.

How can an angel of death have a god-like face? His skin is pale like porcelain, his lips pink, his handsome face like sculpture combined with his silver white hair.

All angels doubted whether he could do his job properly and quickly with that face.

The heavens was enraged again because he easily completed his task with level S difficulty.

His first task was to take the life of a female idol that many people love because of her generosity.

Even though its already time for the female idol to pass, the angels can’t take her life that easily because a lot of people were praying for her to live long. If an angel forcibly takes her life the angel can lose his power. But Sunghoon completed his task on time and without any difficulties.

“Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Sunghoon said back then, while returning his assignment letter to Yuka, “An angel of death must know how to take a life.”

And here he is now, with his new task. He must take the life of an ex-convict named Eun Jiwon after 49 days.

“Gotcha.” Sunghoon said excitedly, once he recognized his target and began to follow Jiwon carefully, “A predictable person.”

Eun Jiwon, his target, now turned quickly into a narrow alley. He sped his pace which made Sunghoon use his power so he can follow Jiwon closely.

“Black hoodie, narrow alley, hurriedly running, and an ex-convict.” Sunghoon muttered, he was aware of Jiwon’s suspicious movements. And now, his mind was fixed on several things. “Illegal goods transaction, drugs sale, information exchange from the black market…oh really…he is someone who is very predictable and I wouldn’t be surprised if I meet…”

“Hi Sunghoon.” A glimpse of a black shadow appeared not far from where Jiwon stood, carrying a thick white book and waved kindly at him.

“Seungyoon, why are you here?” Sunghoon asked in surprise, acknowledging Seungyoon’s presence.

“What do you think? I’m on duty of course, recording the good deeds of Eun Jiwon.” Seungyoon said smoothly while he was writing something in his book, “Do you think Seunghyun will be here, writing down his bad deeds?”


“Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Seungyoon said half-mockingly, “Eun Jiwon likes to feed stray dogs in this district. Every day.”

“Oh…” Sunghoon said slowly as he looked away from Seungyoon toward Jiwon who was bending over, making sure all dogs were there to eat.

Seungyoon still smiling, looked at Sunghoon and Jiwon alternately. It took him three minutes before he finally realized why Sunghoon was suddenly in the human world and trailing Eun Jiwon. Seungyoon said, “Ah…so…are you in charge of taking Eun Jiwon’s life?”


Seungyoon sighed for a moment, “I don’t know if I can say a forbidden thing but I don’t want Eun Jiwon to die just yet.”

Sunghoon looked at Seungyoon and said, “Well…It’s strange to hear you say something cliché like that.”

“But that’s the truth, and I’m afraid that I can’t tell you the details. You know, the taboo of angels who record the human deeds”

“And you know, it’s one of those stupid things in Heaven. Good deeds don’t affect the angel of death and prevents them from taking his life.” Sunghoon said flatly.

Seungyoon laughed flatly and said, “Only you, the cold-hearted angel of death can take the lives of good people easily.”

“Bolt is stupid, he has to give up his precious power just for someone whom other people say is good.”

Seungyoon paused for a moment and asked, “I know it’s a taboo thing, but I’m sure you’ll answer this stupid question. Will you use the same trick when you took the life of the female idol on Eun Jiwon?”

“Yep, I’ll get him to see me, and with a bit of this and that, I’ll take his life with ease.”

“Are you sure that it will work smoothly?”

“50:50. Sometimes humans are difficult to guess.” Sunghoon said, as he was preparing to follow Jiwon, who’s finished feeding the stray dogs, “Let’s end this conversation for now, I’ll go first.”

Seungyoon watched Jiwon walking down the narrow alley and said, “Well, we’ll see.”




D – 47


“Can’t this guy do something interesting?” Sunghoon said, “His routine is wake up, cook, feed the dogs, read books in the library, work in pc room, work as mall security, work as a dishwasher in bars, feed the dogs, cook and sleep.”

Sunghoon watched Jiwon who has finished reading his book in the library and prepared to leave for his part time job. He had intended to use his power as soon as he saw and recognized his target, but Sunghoon changed his mind once he realized how boring the man named Eun Jiwon was.

Sunghoon was in the corner of the room, observing Jiwon who was cleaning the room in silence or occasionally tidying up the newly used PC. It’s so boring until he saw Seungyoon pop up in the middle of the room.

“Busy day, Seungyoon?”

“There’s a charity event in the district and I’m a bit overwhelmed by it.” Seungyoon replied while he was busy writing, “Have you decided when to start your plan?”

“I changed my mind, he wasn’t attractive at all. I just needed to be near him until the day he dies.” Sunghoon said wearily, “By the way, are you sure that you came here to work? A PC room is where people do bad deeds.”

“Of course, I came to record the good deeds done by the people in this district.”

“So you mean Eun Jiwon is doing good deeds?”

“Exactly. You think Seunghyun should be here?”

Sunghoon shrugged his head towards one of the customers who had just cursed loudly and said, “Don’t you think Seunghyun should stay here, recording the bad deeds?”

“He’s bored, he’s off to record bad deeds somewhere else.” Seungyoon said. Seungyoon looked closely at Sunghoon before saying, “I just realized you didn’t bring Eun Jiwon’s memoirs.”

“I did it on purpose. And I don’t need it anyway, his life is so flat.” Sunghoon said and yawned, “So what kind of goodness is he doing in this place?”

“Aren’t you an angel of death? You should know that you can’t ask a question like that” said Seunghyun who had just appeared suddenly beside Seungyoon.

“I know.” Sunghoon replied coldly.

“Instead of asking me or Seungyoon, or just blindly guessing, wouldn’t it be a little quicker if you read his memoirs?” Seunghyun asked.

“His memoirs is very thick, I don’t like reading thick books.”

Seunghyun and Seungyoon looked at each other, they didn’t think the best angel of death in heaven can be so careless.

“I’m just going to warn you, I hope you don’t regret it because that can be careless.” Seunghyun said.

“Are you threatening me or you’re scarring me? Or do you have other intentions?”

“Oh, come on, Bolt, the angel who once said he was a cold-hearted angel of death, in fact couldn’t do anything when he was finally assigned to take the life of the female idol.”

Sunghoon snorted and laughed, “Bolt was just careless.”

“Exactly. It’s like what you’re doing right now.” Seunghyun replied impatiently.

“I’m glad you’re worried about me, but you don’t have to, I can do my job well.”

Seunghyun shook his head firmly and looked at Seungyoon, “We’ll see in the next couple of days. I bet he’ll be a total mess.”




D – 45



Sunghoon massaged his forehead. He just picked up Eun Jiwon’s memoirs and frankly, he didn’t understand why such a man chose to live in a hard way.

Sunghoon was still trailing Jiwon the next couple of days, figuring out what Jiwon does, Seungyoon and Seunghyun’s reminder of Bolt’s tragic case was all in his mind.

Jiwon sat still, unflinching on his desk, his eyes closed. Sunghoon watched silently when Seungyoon suddenly appeared next to the closet, and immediately wrote on his book.

“Hello, Sunghoon.” Seungyoon said without stopping from his writing, “Busy?”

“Of course not, he just sat there on his desk after he ate his breakfast and now you suddenly appear, writing down his good deeds.”

Seungyoon laughed mockingly, “You cannot guess why I came here even though he just kept quiet?”

“Wha…” Sunghoon clapped his hand hardly, and said, “He’s praying?”

Jiwon who had been sitting quietly suddenly startled, as if there was something that bothered him. He watched every corner of his house carefully, before closing his eyes again, continuing his prayers.

“What is he prays for?”

“Ya, you know the prohibition right? Moreover you’ve brought his memoirs, so why do you still ask me?”

“I want to understand all the problems faster. I only have 45 days left and I still have no plans.”

“My advice, stop following Jiwon and start reading his memoirs.

“I just read his memoirs until he was about 10 years old and frankly I didn’t understand anything. So I just decided to read and follow him at the same time.”

“Good luck, then.” Seungyoon said as he closed his book, “My business here is over, bye.”

Jiwon got up from his chair as soon as he finished his prayer. Jiwon picked up the black hoodie and stepped out of the house.

Sunghoon had thought Jiwon would repeat his usual routine, but his predictions were wrong. Jiwon was walking towards one of the famous hospitals, and wore his hood once he arrived at the main lobby of the hospital. Trying to be invisible, Jiwon tried to disappear in the crowd. He quickly turned at one of the wards.

Sunghoon read the name plate on the door of the patient’s room before following Jiwon inside, “Lee Jaejin…I’ve seen his name in Jiwon’s memoirs, but I forgot when Jiwon and Jaejin met.”

Sunghoon reminded himself to immediately read Jiwon’s memoirs once Jiwon gets back from the hospital. He chose to stay by Jaejin’s bedside, watching over Jiwon who was crying silently.

“Jaejin-ah…mianhae. If I can go back through time…I’ll prepare my plan better.”

The man named Jaejin stayed silent, not responding to Jiwon’s words, only the sound of ‘beep’ which came from a nearby machine can be heard. Jiwon held Jaejin’s hand carefully, trying not to hit the IV.

Jiwon rubbed Jaejin’s arm carefully, as if he was trying to reassuring Jaejin and himself that it’ll be all right. Sunghoon just observed Jiwon who was crying in silence, until Seunghyun walked through the wall suddenly.

“Eh? Seunghyun?”

“Hello, Sunghoon.” he said kindly, “Have you finished reading his memoirs?”

“Not yet, but…”

Seunghyun’s expression changed. There was disappointment on his face, “I don’t think you fully understand the definition of careless, Sunghoon.”

“I’m thinking up a plan…”

“Plan,” Seunghyun scorned. He started to write something in his book and made Sunghoon shriek.

“What are you doing?!”

“Don’t you know I’m an angel who record the bad deeds?”

“Yes, I know, but whom are you writing down the bad deeds?”

“I thought you knew the prohibition, Sunghoon, the angel of death shouldn’t interfere with the angel who is recording the good and bad deeds, especially when it comes to…”

“The man whom the angel of death will take his life. I still have the contents of Chapter 4 memorized, thank you.”

“So it’s obvious, right, to whom I’m writing down the bad deeds?”

“But why…”

“You’ve got his memoirs, and I know that all your questions will be answered if you read the book.”

“I know… but I just want everything done faster.”

Seunghyun wrote in silence, and said, “Just stay in this room about five minutes after Eun Jiwon leaves and you’ll know the answer.”

Sunghoon paused. Seunghyun’s idea was not bad. When Jiwon walked out of the patient’s room, he stayed there, faithfully waiting for anything, something to happen. Soon, Jaejin’s bedroom door opened again, someone with long eyelashes sighed, disappointed and sat down next to Jaejin’s bed and said, “Jiwon hyung is still the same as ever. He lied to everyone, said he’s fine, even though we both know, Jiwon hyung has never been alright, so you have to get up soon, Jaejin, we have to clean up Eun Jiwon’s name.”

The man grabbed Jaejin’s hand and said his prayer silently. Before Seungyoon came back and nagged him again, Sunghoon chose to go home. He has a plan now.




D – 41


It has been a few days since Jiwon felt something creepy around him. Sometimes he saw a glimpse of a shadow of a man dressed in white, sitting across from his desk, watching him from the corner of the room, whether he is at home or the PC room.

The shadow grew clearer as days passed, unlike a few days ago when he first saw the shadow. This morning, he tried to keep calm because the shadow was clearly visible now. Jiwon was not sure whether it was a ghost or a human-like creature, but it is clear that seeing it wasn’t a good sign.

Jiwon tried to ignore the creature, who was looking at him sharply. He closed his eyes, praying for Jaejin’s healing, praying for Jaeduk’s health, and for the first time Jiwon prayed for himself.

He begged God to protect him from any bad intentions from the creature.

He opened his eyes, and saw the creature wasn’t looking at him anymore. Jiwon breathed a sigh of relief and used this opportunity to get out of the house, to his workplace, half wishing that the creature wouldn’t follow him.

Unfortunately his hopes vanished because once he got to the PC room, the creature was waiting for him at the corner of the room. Jiwon tried to look at the creature briefly and he was surprised that the creature wasn’t entirely frightening. His face was handsome like a sculpture.

But still, Jiwon thought to himself, even if he is handsome, he wasn’t human. Jiwon focused on his work until finally he heard the creature mention his name.

Jiwon quietly glanced over to where the creature was standing, and vaguely listened to the creature talking, “Eun Jiwon is a complicated man! Even you visit him every two hours!”

Jiwon narrowed his eyes, trying to find out if any other creature was after him, but he can’t see anything. He could only catch a glimpse of a black shadow that stood not far from where the handsome creature was standing. Jiwon understood now, something he couldn’t see was after him.




Jiwon quickened his pace. The creature was still following him wherever he goes and although Jiwon knew this can’t be accepted by logic, at least he wanted to know why the creature was following him.

Jiwon closed his door and looked around for the creature. Jiwon found the creature sitting on the fridge, staring at him

Jiwon gathered his courage, and looked straight into the creature’s eyes. They looked at each other until the creature started to feel strange, he turned left and right, as if he wanted to find out if Jiwon was really looking at him, and Jiwon said, “I know you’re sitting on my fridge, and you’ve been following me all day long. What do you want?”

The creature was startled and gently pointed at his nose and said, “Me?”

“Yes, I’m asking you, I can see you and I want to know why you’ve following me all day.”

“Can you really see me?”

“Do I look like lying?”




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