[ FF EunKang/JyonHoon (ENG) | That XX – part 1 ]

Foreword :

Indonesia version will out after English version part 3 updated. Please be patient.


That XX




‘3….2….1’ Jiwon whispered to himself.

As soon as the bell rang, Jiwon got up from his chair and rushed out of classroom. He didn’t want to go on a meeting about the summer festival. He just wanted to go home early and have more sleep.

Unfortunately Myeonghoon followed him from the moment he left the classroom. Jiwon knows that Myeonghoon is following him because Danny told him to do it every time he tried to escape or skip a meeting.

“So…” Jiwon said and he turned to face Myeonghoon, “What do you want?”

“Nothing.” Myeonghoon replied calmly, “I think I’ll skip the meeting. Same as you.”


“Because I’m bored. Danny’s plan is not to have any guest star like the summer festival last year. So it will be the worst summer festival ever.”

“I see. Since you are bored, please don’t follow me.”

“But you are the only person who bravely skip the meeting. So I’ll follow you.”

“Just don’t. I decide to skip the meeting because I want to finish my math project.”

“Don’t lie. I know that your math project has been finished since two days ago.”

“Shit.” Jiwon started to run as fast as he can, trying to make a wide gap so Myeonghoon can’t follow him. He turned but suddenly he ran into someone. Jiwon lost his balance and fell on the floor.

“USE YOUR EYES, STUPID!” Jiwon yelled to that person and realizes that person was Eric, the 2D class president.

Eric just turned his head and checked if Jiwon is okay then gave Jiwon an apologetic bow and continued on his way. Jiwon tried to stand up as he heard two footsteps trying to catch up to him and someone yell to him, “THINKING TO SKIP THE MEETING AGAIN, EUN JIWON- SSI?”

‘Crap. He caught me’ Jiwon stood up and tried to run again, unfortunately Danny was right behind him and yelled again.




“Can you two please stop yelling at each other? You two are just 5 meters apart.” Myeonghoon said. “And why you are mad again?”

“His aunt!” Danny exploded, “She changed ALL summer festival plans!”

“WHAT???” Myeonghoon yelled back to Danny, “Are you serious?”

“If I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t have run here, stupid.”

“Then, what’s wrong with it? She is the headmaster. She can do anything.” Jiwon said.

“The problem is, she wants to have a boygroup performing at the summer festival.” Danny said, “And the boygroup will be consisted of YG Academy students.”

Jiwon thought deeply and he sighed, “Let me guess, I am the first boygroup member.” “You are unfortunately right.”

“Crap.” Jiwon said while Myeonghoon laughed so hard. “So the other member is….?”

“I will tell you if you attend the meeting. Right now.”

“No, thanks. Just tell my aunt, I refuse that stupid idea.”

“Oh, come on.” Danny said hopelessly, “Just go and tell her yourself. Tell her you don’t want to become a boygroup member. I’m just an informant here, not the decision maker.”

Jiwon sighed again and said, “Okay. Let’s go to the student council room”




Jiwon opened his eyes. That dream again.

Jiwon tried to sit, and leaned his back to the wall. He sighed deeply. Actually, it’s not a dream. It’s a fact. He was the first boygroup member of YG Academy. He didn’t exactly remember when he started to dream his high school memories as a nightly drama.

“I guess, I just really want to find him soon.”

His eyes fixated on the photo hanging nearby the clock then said, “I’ll sleep again Hoony, don’t worry. We will meet again in my dreams.”

Jiwon closed his eyes and continued his dream.






“Aunt, please. You can form a boygroup, but don’t force me to become a member!”

“I heard your rap before. Totally perfect for the first YG Academy boygroup.”

“I don’t know if you still remember or not, but my father said I must become a professional marketer.”

“I remember it, don’t worry.” Jiwon aunt said, “But it’s just a shame if your talents are wasted.” “It’s not a talent! It’s just my hobby!”

“Well, whatever. So, why did you come here, Jiwon-ssi?”

“Aunty!” Jiwon exploded, “Please choose another guy for the boygroup!”

“Okay. I will.” His aunt calmly replied, “But if my mouth slips and tell your mom that you skipped history class again, don’t blame me.”

Jiwon tried to calm down. He lost against his aunt’s trump card. Jiwon sat quietly on the chair and asked, “So, who is the second member? Danny won’t tell me who he is.”

“I’m still searching the best way to choose the second member. Any idea?”

Jiwon shook his head. His mind was empty. He can’t think because of his aunt’s words before. Well, his father announced proudly back then, that Eun Jiwon, his only son, will follow his path as a professional marketer. And rap is the only way for Jiwon to forget all his stress due to the great pressure from his father. He tried to remember when he practiced his rap before and he was sure that he was alone in his room. He didn’t have any idea, how his aunt knows that he loves to rap.

“Jiwon-ah, I think the best way to choose the second member is by the lottery.” she said proudly as if she won something. “And the whole YG Academy students are included.”

“Aunt, please think about it again. If students from elementary school were chosen, how can we practice the dancing and singing?”

“You’re right. Well, just high school students will be included right?”

Jiwon nodded and yawned. This situation was far beyond his imagination. He thought that his aunt can pick someone randomly, or pick someone who has a handsome face or have a good voice not by lottery. His aunt suddenly smiles.



“The lottery result is out.” said his aunt, “The second member is Kang Sunghoon.”

“Are you sure that you use lottery to pick him? That was so quick”

“Well, actually I just want him to be a boygroup member. His voice is so good. It’s just a shame if he wasted his golden voice. Plus, his love for chemistry is illogical. He always blows up the chemistry laboratory every two weeks.”

Jiwon rolled his eyes and said “Whoa, aunty. You are secretly saying that you don’t want him to be a scientist.”

“I just want him to enjoy his high school life.”

“I don’t want to know what are you thinking about him, but can you please let us choose our path by ourselves?”

“Jiwon-ah,” said his aunt with serious tone, “Just go find him and tell him that he will be a boygroup member.”

“But, aunty…”

“Good afternoon, Jiwon-ssi. Have a nice day.”

Jiwon sighed again and greet her, “Good afternoon Ms. Park.”

Jiwon left the headmaster’s room. He has no choice. He needs to find Kang Sunghoon as soon as possible, persuade him to refuse the boygroup idea and they should go back to his aunt and tell her that her plan is rotten.

Jiwon knows nothing of Sunghoon except that he is a year younger than him and Jiwon thought it might be slightly difficult to persuade him. Jiwon went to the student council room, and used his power as a student council vice-president to persuade Sunghoon.

Jiwon turned on the computer and searched for Sunghoon’s profile. He tried to get access to some personal information. Unfortunately, he didn’t know that Danny was behind him, watching him with his eagle eyes.

“Trying to find Kang Sunghoon’s weakness, aren’t you?”

Jiwon jumped out from his chair. He was so surprised that Danny would come to the student council room at this time.

“You scared me to the death! Why you are still here, Mr. Perfect?”

“It’s not important why I’m still here. Just answer my question.”

“Tsk. Arrogant. I’m searching for his weakness so I can persuade him to decline my aunt’s idea.”

Danny giggled and said, “He is an obedient person. I bet my only 50,000 won that he will accept that idea.”

Jiwon looked straight into Danny’s eyes. He is not lying right now. Jiwon turned down his head and turned his back to the monitor.

“Actually, your aunt’s idea is not bad. We will save around 500,000 won from the budgeting plan if your aunt’s idea is a success.”

“Of course, you agree with my aunt’s idea. We will be saving some money and you’ll be bullying me until we graduate.”

“That was my point, but I agree with the point that it’s just a shame wasting your talent.” “My aunt told you everything that we’ve talked before, didn’t she?”


Jiwon turned and faced Danny, “Geez this people.”

“Jiwon-ah! Where are you going?” said Danny when Jiwon suddenly got up from his chair and left the student council room. Jiwon didn’t reply as he turned a corridor. He just walked with a stupid thought in his head. The fact that his aunt knows his love for rap is a bad situation, but if Danny knows that fact too, it will be a worse situation. His rap is just so-so, but why does his aunt and Danny insist that his rap is like some blessed talent?

Jiwon has just turned the corridor when he saw white fog come out of the open door and windows of the chemistry laboratory. The fog was so thick and he was not surprised to see the high school chemistry teacher, Mrs. Shin, run with a panic expression in her face and shout, “Kang Sunghoon-ssi!! Kang Sunghoon-ssi!!”

Sunghoon walked out of the laboratory a while later, coughed a little and replied, “I’m okay. Don’t worry Miss. I just forgot that ammonia and hydrochloric acid cannot be put together on the same fume hood. I’m sorry Miss.”

Mrs. Shin tried hard to not roll her eyes and sighed, “I’m giving you a warning. Once again you sneaked into the laboratory without MY PERMISSION, YOU WILL HAVE DETENTION!”

“Yes, Miss. I’m really sorry.”

“Clean the mess! NOW! And don’t forget to tell the laboratory assistant about this incident. He must report this to Ms. Park.” Mrs. Shin said and looked surprised when she saw Jiwon looking so terrified at the white fog, “What are you doing there, Eun Jiwon?”

“Ahem…I’m sorry Miss, but I’m looking for Kang Sunghoon.”

“Kang Sunghoon?”




“That stupid alarm!” Jiwon cursed loudly after he fully wake up, “In that crucial moment! Damn!” Jiwon punched his pillow and tried to calm himself. He checked the clock. 9.00 AM and shouted “FUCK! I’M LATE AGAIN!”






“So, hyung, when you will give up about Kang Sunghoon?”

“I don’t know.”

“Geez, hyung. Sunghoon might be at the other side of the world and you just focused on searching for him in France, USA, and Singapore?”

“Those were the last precious hints before he went missing, Suwon-ah. Even when I tried to search for him with my family’s connections, he and his family cannot be found anywhere in Korea.” Suwon sighed. He misses Kang Sunghoon too but he thought Jiwon could do something better with his family’s influence. How can he suddenly disappear like air after he graduated from YG Academy?

“He….didn’t die right?”

“No. I guarantee it 100%, he is alive somewhere in the world. If he died, he will tell me in my dreams.”

“You dreamt about him again, didn’t you?” Suwon asked.

“Unfortunately, I did.” Jiwon said sadly, “I was really stupid back then, right?”

“You’re still stupid until now.” Suwon replied and said, “Just give up hyung. Even if he is still alive, maybe he is married to someone right now and you’ve got no chance.”

“I don’t care. I just want to meet him and tell him, how much I long for him.” Jiwon’s eyes fixated on his phone wallpaper. Even though Sunghoon suddenly left him without telling him why, he really misses Sunghoon like crazy.





















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