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I’m sorry for having (a lot of) grammatical error and tenses error. If you sees the error, please message me and I’ll be correcting them. ^^

Another special post for my beloved!

As I’ve promised before, not long after posted about Seika in blog, finally its came to the deadline. This time it was Shintaro that ‘visits’ in my blog XD. Those who did not read my special post about Seika, I would like to did a little flashback. Today’s Special section is about having something special about the contents, and its different from the concept of Popsicle (song review), Owner’s Recommendation (qiwii talks, where I could talks as much as I want XD) or Jelly (drama review). The concept for Today’s Special will be focusing for celebrate the birthday of my favorite band member or band or my favorites boygroup anniversary.

Since Seika and Shintaro are members of the same band, the concept of Today’s Special will be the same, which I will imagine to send Shintaro a letter.

So, please enjoy our today’s special : Roasted Banana with Melted Chocolate, Shintaro, a fluffy guy since 1983


Hello Shintaro,

Happy birthday!

Hi, I’m qiwii. UVERworld fans from Indonesia. That’s right, you’re not wrong to expect who am I. I was the same person who sent Seika a happy birthday letter. And maybe you’ll wince when you read this letter. Because I, Akira numero uno fans (as I said in my letter to Seika), even send you a happy birthday letter. If you thought that this letter is a threatening letter because you always overlook Akira, I’m sorry, you are wrong. I am writing this letter because I really want to say sincerely happy birthday to you.

But before I tell you more, let me apologize for frequently bully your white hair (as I recall, I’m called you grandpa that time), as well as I often said that the way you sprayed water on fans at the end of the live show is similar to the paranormal ritual in Indonesia ( or better known as ‘dukun’).

So will you forgive me?

Well, if you do not want to forgive me, but at least let me tell you a story. Should I?

As long as I liked UVERworld, (and Akira of course), I always have noticed that you’re actually a good guy. Many of your attitude sometimes contradicts with the nasty things that you said at the talk session of the live show (like you wore Condom on your socks and thumb, for example, or bluntly say you’re going to lovehotel in a television show). Honestly I was touched when you and Katsuya are interviewed by Rock in Japan Fest mascot, you’re willing to sit on the floor, in order to listen to the mascot spoke, in the beginning Katchan was on bending position, but later he was standing (as might be listening in bending or standing position  for Katchan not having too much difference), and held mascot’s hands when he suddenly stood up and his head almost reached the lights.Every time the mascot was talking, you’re always did little bent in order to be heard clearly.

During the interview, I just saw how a gentle Shintaro did. And I admit that I wasn’t focused with the interview because the clothes you wore (biceps <3) and style of your hair looks neat, so I betrayed Akira (again).

I was also quite surprised when I saw the interview video of UVERworld 15&10 anniversary, because you said that you helped Akira to clean up Kimchi Nabe spills in Nobuto room XD. You also looks very cute (because you are more silent, unlike in UVER tv) by saying that is working with older people in UVERworld an enjoyable experience.

So, will you forgive me?

If you still do not want to forgive me, then may I ask a question first?


As you can see, I was always intrigued by the relationship between you and Akira, because sometimes you act cool with each other, or sometimes behave righteously as two youngest members in UVERworld.

Such as at the end of the live show at the Kyocera Dome in 2014, Akira and you exchanged smile or hi-five with the other members, but when you and Akira crossed with each other path, you and Akira pretend that you two did not see each other !!!!! Honestly I felt upset because at least you can exchanged smiles with Akira. But now I think maybe you are still have problems which have not been resolved between the two of you, and besides, certainly in this context Akira is wrong (well I mean, I know how annoying  Akira in each practice session XD).

If you ask me if I’m upset with that boy, then the answer is OF COURSE! I still remember his annoying face when he told you to repeat one bar, because he thought it was not perfect, or when he slapped Seika’s head.

Yep, for me, he is a naughty little brother.

Even so, I always sad when one of you looks ignoring Akira (sometimes Katchan do this, but I thought it was just because he was not yet ready to change positions with Akira). Or let Akira busy with his own world when there are interview or UVERtv.

Uh, why I was talking about Akira anyway?

To be honest I want to say thank you, although sometimes maybe you two often arguing about music, but at least I quite often see you and Akira went together with DK san or just chillin’ between the live show schedule. There are some photos of you are seated next to each other at the after party or while waited to perform at a festival and also when you become a photobomber in Akira photo with Aiemu’s member (which has been revenged by Akira so perfectly in one of the festival :D)

It felt quite nice to see you two, because Akira has a big age gap with Takuya and Seika, and I can tell Akira lucky to have you who only three months older from him. It is nice but not in a negative sense, but I’m glad that Akira has a friend who has the age gap so close.

Wait, why I always talks about Akira anyway?

From the beginning I liked the Japanese band, the first thing I do is to assess the ability of drummer. Drum is an essential part of a band, it can not be too noticeable because it will make a mess the rhythm of the song. My favorite drummer is Yukihiro from L’Arc ~ en ~ Ciel because he can make the drum play looks fast even though the song tempo is slow. And the drummer that I’m quite admired is Kai from The Gazette because he has a great stamina with The Gazette songs that are mostly fast-paced (hey, he’s a drummer for the metal band). The first time I saw you, I’m just judging you as a pretty good drummer (although you have stamina issue because sometimes  you still seen chasing the rhythm and oh, I remember you complaining about bringing the feel of jazz with drum), because in your drum play quite general (not having special phrase or drum play).

But apparently my assumption did not long last (actually, long enough for me, because I had to stop listening  to the Japanese band), but as soon as I know Don’t Think Feel and Dejavu, you have to proved, at least to me, that you were a drummer that should be used as favorite drummer. I’ve always liked your performance in Don’t Think Feel due to the rapid rhythm like that, you still can sing quite well. I also thought behind the songs that use a lot of drums, you’d patiently taught other members.

One part that I liked enough about you is when you spray water toward fans at the end of the live show (although now I think that it was a bit unhygienic XD), because the way you interact with the fans at least better than Akira (he continuously promotes the towel XD).

But actually my favorite acts from you is not when you spray water, but when you’re topless XD. Forgive my fangirl instinct is too strong, so everytime you wore sleeveless T-shirt or wearing nothing aka topless, I would forget Akira as soon as I see you.

Especially if you’re with the drummer of The Winking Owl, Kent!

You always turns into fatherly man (since the age gap between Kent and You is big) and Kent cuteness always make you looks like a manly man but fluffy.

Why? You’re wondering why I called you fluffy?

That’s because you were smiling innocently when Akira and Nobuto joking in UVERworld live show 15&10 years anniversary and you are always being  icebreaker if no member wants to say their opinions during the interview or just give a jokes so the other members speak up their opinions. This is what makes you different from Akira.

You still respect people who older than you and provided the considerably portion to show off (like you showed off your abs only when the drum solo XD, and this is my favorite part yay!) Or for example, tried to look as you will eat the camera, when you realize there are cameras around you when liveshow, and made me realize that everyone does have their parts to stand out. You always look like a tough man, who only talk about things that are ‘just adults who know’, but I know you are a gentle man, sometimes a kind of immature (like you were busy takes selfie with Akira’s phone, when Akira asked your help to take his photo). And I think your ‘always-be-yourself’ looks make me realize that I don’t need to wear a mask just to make people likes me and there will always be some people who like you no matter how of your looks ^^

Shintaro, thank you for teaching me a life lesson to keep learning (although learning sometimes make us complain occasionally, its okay XD) and still be ourselves. I can not give you a gift because I’m have a lot of money purposes for college. I can only dedicate myself to run 5 km. this 5km maybe not mean much to you, but please believe that in the 5 km, I continues to pray that you’re not talking about nasty things too much, and soon you will get a life partner like Takuya.


P.S somehow I always said to myself, if we met later, the first thing I would do is hug you XD

P.P.S If Akira being so annoying, I allows you to hit it!


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